Mission and vision

Polish brand with an established position in the transport, forwarding and logistics (TFL) sector

In accordance with our vision, we are heading towards active participation in the development of the Polish economy. We aim to making our company a globally recognized brand. We constantly raise our service standards and we always apply the idea of fair play in business. We care for the development of our employees and we create new jobs.

Our mission is to support the development and optimization of our customers' businesses by providing them with knowledge and individual logistics solutions.

We follow market trends to provide services at the highest level. We constantly look for new solutions based on our knowledge and experience. We work with passion and enthusiasm to deliver our Customers’ cargos efficiently and safely on a daily basis.

Customer’s Needs

We are guided by professionalism, reliability and high quality of services. Our business partners can count on an individual approach, thanks to which we easily recognize their needs and provide them with dedicated solutions.

Our values

The values we follow in our daily work are, above all, responsibility, openness, commitment and diligence. We are not afraid of changes and we are ready for new ones. We care about the reliability and professionalism of Customer service. Only teamwork guarantees success.

Development direction

We associate our company’s development with further strengthening of sea transport services and increasing the share of rail and air transport. For several years, we have also dynamically developed services to handle cargos exported from Poland. We constantly aim at coming up with innovations, we introduce new technologies in everyday services, and we develop warehouse logistics.

Our values

To achieve our goals, in our business we focus on professionalism, analysis of needs and recognition of customer expectations, as well as the implementation and improvement of quality management systems based on the requirements of ISO 9001.