Rail Transport

Regular connections from Asia to Europe

Comprehensive rail transport services in import and export on the New Silk Road along a direct route China - Poland.

We offer cargo deliveries to and collections from all Chinese provinces and other parts of Asia. The transport range includes Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Rail transport ensures a 10-20 days shorter delivery time than the sea transport. This translates into faster circulation of goods and financial resources. It also enables one to build a competitive advantage and ensures lower costs of capital locked up in the cargo (“just-in-time”).

Moreover, rail transport minimizes the impact of the human factor, weather conditions and road quality on timely deliveries. Thanks to this, cargo delivery planning becomes more precise.

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Rail transport
from China

Transportation of goods along the New Silk Road as part of the Trans-China Route (TCR) and Trans-Siberian Route (TSR). Handling 30 rail connections per week from 14 key terminals in China.

Professional terminal services

Services provided in four railway terminals in Poland (Małaszewicze, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw) and five terminals in Western Europe (Hamburg, Nuremberg, Munich, Duisburg, Tilburg). We provide professional terminal and customs services with respect to container transit.

Faster and cheaper

The time of a container delivery from China by rail is 10 to 16 days (terminal to terminal). Rail transport is 50% cheaper than air transport and 50% faster than sea transport.

International certificates

Certificates and memberships in many networks guarantee high quality of service.

Dedicated insurance

Special insurance with high sums guarantees safety of all goods.

Best rates

We monitor the price level and make sure that our Customers receive the best conditions at any given time.

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