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Transport insurance, in particular, marine insurance, is one of the oldest insurances. Cargo insurance will provide best care for your transported goods.

We offer cargo insurance, essential during transportation of goods. It is insurance for cargo during transport, whose primary role is to protect the financial interest of the goods owner in the event of damage.

The cargo insurance is primarily addressed to entrepreneurs, producers and traders, as well as exporters and importers.

The cargo insurance provides protection for the transported cargo from the moment it leaves the place of dispatch until it is delivered to its destination (including during loading, unloading and storage). In the event of loss of or damage to a shipment for which cargo insurance has been arranged, compensation is paid in full value of the goods.

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Protection for risk bearers

The service is addressed to enterprises that bear the risk of loss or partial loss of or damage to cargo. As well as for those companies that are obliged to take out such insurance by a commercial contract or bank requirements.

Protection of the owner’s interests

The cargo insurance provides protection for interests of the owner of the cargo being transported in the event of any events that may result in damage to or loss of the cargo.

Cargo owner protection

The protection also applies to those situations where, according to the law, the forwarder is not liable for damage to the cargo entrusted to them as well as where compensation is subject to quota and weight restrictions resulting from various laws or conventions.

Insurance consultancy

Customers who decide to take advantage of our offer gain professional advice in the field of insurance.

International certificates

Certificates and memberships in many networks guarantee high quality of service.

Assistance in verification

We help in verifying and collecting documents

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