The world of international transport and logistics has undergone a fascinating transformation in recent years. We have witnessed a significant increase in the demand for the transportation of specialized cargo, such as luxury yachts, motorboats, and oversized shipments. In this article, we will delve into the complex aspects of handling oversized cargo and present a recent success story related to the transportation of a modern yacht from Poland to Nigeria.

Challenges in Project Cargo Transport

One of the key challenges in oversized transport is ensuring the safety of the cargo throughout the journey. This process requires careful planning, specialized knowledge, and extensive experience.

The process begins with planning and determining cargo handling methods. Then comes the selection of cargo transportation units (CTUs) to ensure the safety of the cargo. The next stage involves cargo loading analysis and securing the cargo on the CTU. The final two elements of the process are summarizing transportation documentation and overseeing the reloading and securing of the cargo.

Each project related to handling oversized cargo is unique. Therefore, we approach each one individually and with due diligence. The key to success is a well-structured plan. All of the above-mentioned stages are always carried out under the supervision of trusted and recognized inspectors.

Project Cargo: Transport of Luxury Yachts Across Oceans

Recently, as part of our Project Cargo service, we undertook the task of transporting a luxury yacht, the Granturismo 36, built in a Polish shipyard, to its new home in the Port of Apapa, Nigeria.

The entire operation began in Gdynia, where the yacht was carefully secured on a FlatRack container in our warehouse. The journey then set off, with two significant transshipments in the Port of Hamburg, Germany, and the Port of Tangier, Morocco, before finally reaching the ultimate recipient in Nigeria.

Success Through Collaboration

We owe this success to our dedicated team, whose unwavering commitment and professionalism ensured the successful transport of the luxury yacht. We also express our gratitude to our client, whose trust and cooperation made this exceptional project possible.

Projects like this drive our continuous development and the creation of the best logistics solutions.

Oversized transport, often referred to as non-normative transport, is a challenge that requires specialized knowledge and ongoing commitment. Our recent venture in transport a luxury yacht from Poland to Nigeria is evidence of the unique capabilities of our team and the success that can be achieved through effective collaboration.

If you have unique or demanding logistics projects (including Project Cargo and Military Cargo), we are ready to take on the challenge. Please contact us at and let us be your partner in accomplishing the impossible.

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